Planning: The Route

December 9, 2004

Today I hunted down my airline tickets, which were being held at a FedEx location about an hour from my house. I found that particularly inconvenient since the guy who drives the FedEx truck lives just down the street. But the bottom line is this: tickets are in hand. Now, perhaps you are wondering what exotic locations are printed on these tickets? Are you wondering that? Well, here’s the route:

Los Angeles: January 17
Papaete, Tahiti: January 20
Auckland, New Zealand: January 23
Surface to Christchurch
Sydney, Australia: February 14
Bangkok, Thailand: April 13
Athens, Greece: April 25
Surface to London
Reykjavik, Iceland: May 26
Then back to New York

If you think our paths may cross along this route, by all means, let me know and we’ll meet for a piwo.

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