Planning: Three Traveling Turtles

Today I’m existing calmly at Rebecca’s house in New York. Yesterday, I was a raving lunatic throwing everything I own on the floor screaming that all of my clothes make me look like an idiot. For the record, this may be true.

People who are generally best described as ‘they’ say that while traveling you either change your clothes or change your location. For the sake of my back, I’m going with the latter. So if and when I roll into your town looking like I’ve been wearing the same shirt for two months… that is because I have.

Despite the exhaustion that was setting in, I had a great last night at home. At dinner we tried to keep our drinks from coming out of our noses while my dad tried to explain his lack of natural buoyancy. Then we sat on the living room floor and played an intense game of Apples To Apples. Honestly, my family is the best and even though I tend to pick up and leave on a regular basis, it’s never easy to say goodbye.

But now the stress of packing is behind me, the world is in front of me and 20 pounds of my most useful crap is sitting on my back. We may look like three traveling turtles, but we’re ready to go.

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