T-Shirts In January

Well, I was wrong. Hutson was holding a sign.

Los Angeles doesn’t suit some people. Beautiful weather year round, fascinating people and architecture, beaches, mountains, palm trees… I can see how that could get annoying. I would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that Hutson has a fountain in his front yard. And a gate! His neighborhood has winding, tree-lined streets and unique houses hidden behind tropical sloping gardens. Rebecca and I woke up early and wandered these streets, mesmerized by the contradiction between the hype and reality of LA. We love it here.

Gawking at the Pacific is required of all east coasters so we walked on, around and under the Santa Monica Pier, then kicked around 3rd street drinking Jamba Juice. Then, upon my insistence, we went to Greystone Park, a good friend of mine from my last attempt to live in LA. The park is actually an estate and surrounding grounds that was purchased by the city of Beverly Hills. I was pleased to see that it still seems relatively undiscovered.

After a rousing rendition of “Zombie” we unloaded at the Farmer’s Market for dinner. Delicious. We watched the fountains at The Grove, then took a cruise down Hollywood and Sunset while I pointed out every bar that denied me entrance in 1999.

This afternoon we plan on hiking to the top of the Hollywood sign (another one of Melissa’s LA highlights) before our flight to the tropical paradise known as Tahiti.

Hutson and Adam, you have been great hosts. Thank you so much. If you’re ever in Tahiti you can come stay in our tent.

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