One Tree To Rule Them All

I’m moving to Wellington. It’s beautiful and vibrant and interesting, from the panoramic views of the harbor and skyline to the artistic flourishes in an alley. We promised ourselves a nice dinner, and although we couldn’t exactly afford it, we sat down and ate fish and chips right on the harbor. It felt great to eat a hot meal and made me long for the time when every day ended in dinner (thanks mom!)

As the more obsessed LOTR fans may know, Wellington is also home to several film locations. So we spent some time scouring the local park in search of the tree that shields the hobbits from the Nazgul. Although we were unable to find the precise tree (mainly because it doesn’t actually exist), we did feel as though we’d stepped into the Shire. We could have moved to Wellington right then and there, but the fabled south island beckoned. So we took the Bluebridge Ferry through scenic Marlborough Sound. And three glorious couch sprawling, cheesy Disney movie watching hours later, we were there.

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