Milford Sounds Like A Good Time

Milford Sound is one of the places that can’t possibly live up to its own reputation. It is a world heritage site that qualifies in every category and each visitor’s center throughout New Zealand sells postcards and posters promising its beauty.

Milford Sound is truly a beautiful place. Unfortunately, by the time we actually saw if for ourselves, its grand reputation detracted a bit from our awe. We took a ferry out into the sound and were able to get a close view of the steep canyon walls and waterfalls. The sheer size of the place dwarfs even the occasional massive cruise ship. The recognizable Mitre Peak rises directly out of the water, which is an impressive sight for even the most jaded tourist. However, just as impressive as the sound, in my opinion, is the road leading to it. Milford Road winds though ravines, rainforest and one scary tunnel that makes you feel as though you are descending into the core of the Earth. So don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a place worth seeing.

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