I Left My Heart In Edoras

If I had to choose one place to see in New Zealand, this would be the one. Mount Sunday, better known to LOTR fans as the location of the Rohan city of Edoras, is a monolith rising dramatically from a colorful and stream strewn valley, surrounded by the snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps. Combine the lack of roads, buildings or any other sign of modern civilization with the instantly recognizable Mount Sunday and it takes no strain of imagination to place yourself in the movie. This is Middle Earth. The fact that you have to ford several rivers with currents that threaten to send your expensive electronics and travel documents downstream, makes your arrival seem even more epic. And standing there, as Eowyn did, surveying the vast landscape…well it made me have to give the mountain a hug. Which I did. This was, without a doubt, the greatest place I’ve ever been. Chris, Tange, Hutson, Tom and all you other LOTR geeks, you just have to go.

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