The (Empty) Seat Of Government

Upon hearing the glowing reviews of Canberra (“Oh…you’re going to Canberra. Hope you like war memorials and parliament.” Or simply, “It sucks there.”), I was a little worried. However, Rebecca’s great aunt lives here and she is a wealth of knowledge on Australia and travelling around the world, since you’ll be hard pressed to find a place worth seeing that she hasn’t seen. So I thought we’d get our info, plan a bit and move on.

Canberra, especially after Sydney, looks sparse. They have a policy against building on the tops of hills and therefore the city sort of blends into the landscape. Because of this, you get the initial impression that there is in fact no city at all. However, hidden in the bush landscape is a first rate museum, winding parks (so you never have to run on pavement!) and of course the center of Australia’s government. We’ve managed to learn a lot in the past few days and I know we’re better prepared for the rest of our Australian adventure. So Canberra really is a worthwhile destination. Perhaps the Prime Minister should consider moving here.

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