The Victoria Coast …or Africa?

Our descent to the Victoria coast featured less pavement than we’d hoped, but the Pulsar made it through the remote, dusty logging roads like an ATV (well, maybe just a bit of hyperbole there…but it did well). Since Australia is a vast land, that drive took us all day and a bit into the night. We cruised down the one lane ‘highway’ listening to Aboriginal and bird inspired techno music as the moon rose over the flattening landscape, silhouetting the eucalypts in a decidedly African style.

The next day we started down Ninety Mile Beach, happy to see a distance reference that we could wrap our heads around. The resemblence to Cape Cod struck me right away. The way the path from the parking lot crept through the sparsely grassed dunes, then opened to a steel blue ocean. The one obvious difference was the lack of tourists. We and a few fisherman had the entire beach to ourselves. We followed the coast to Wilson’s Promontory National Park, where we hiked through wetlands (to Rebecca’s extreme delight) to get to Squeaky Beach (whose sand does in fact squeak when you walk on it). To complete the day, we managed to spot a lumbering Wombat, a nocturnal possum-like creature, on the side of the road and even more remarkably I managed to avoid hitting the slow little guy with the car.

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