It’s Pronounced Melbin

Here is a quick Australian lesson in pronunciation: Melbourne is in fact Melbin. Brisbane is actually Brisbin. And the “ir” in Cairns is just for looks, it’s pronounced Cans. Now then…

This city is the hippest little corner of each US city on a larger scale. It’s as if the People’s Republic of Cambridge came over the river and opened a cafe, used book store, veggie diner and Garment District on every corner in Boston. There are places where the architecture makes it look as if the buildings are rioting. The restaurants make me want to sleep in the car every night and spend all my money on food. The parks are lined with old elm trees that provide the perfect amount of shade for sprawling on the grass and reading something pretentious. Of course, it has its stuffy sections as well, but this is a caricature for simplicity’s sake…you understand.


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