Consoled By A Treehouse In Paradise

Rebecca and I put Molly on the bus to Sydney with all the bittersweetness of two proud parents sending their youngest off to college. After dramatically waving until the bus was out of sight, we met Rebecca’s cousin Angela for a cup of coffee, still wondering how Molly was getting on in the world. But then!, in order to release us from our sadness at Molly’s departure, fate convinced someone to cancel their reservation at one of Angela’s rental cottages/treehouses.
Molly we still love you, but this treehouse lit us up like five year olds on Christmas. To us, as tired and dirty as we were, it was heaven. There was a shower! There was a kitchen! There were beds with mosquito netting! There was an ocean view! Yes, I am screaming all of these sentences!!!
We spent three perfect days, lounging around the cottage and beach, popping into little coffee shops for brekky, learning the finer points of footy from Helge (I have no idea how to spell your name!) and exploring the hinterland with Angela’s husband Phil. We ate oysters and drank wine on the beach, we were introduced to the Broken Head community trust (a concept would take a book to explain, but believe me it’s genius) and surveyed the ocean from Australia’s most easterly point. And then, against our better judgement and with much remorse, we packed up the Pulsar once again and headed down to Sydney. Thank you so much Angela, Phil and Helge for showing us that we are doing it all wrong and need to move to the beach!


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