It has just occurred to me that I’ve spent more time in Sydney than I have in all but two American cities: Boston (home) and Los Angeles (attempted home). I’ve wandered the neighborhoods, deciphered the transit system and photographed the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge from every conceivable angle. I know where to go for free internet, that Paddington Market is the best place to buy fruit and that Home Brand crackers are every bit as good as Ritz. I’ve located several houses that I could live quite comfortably in when I win the lottery and several long term hostels that would work if I don’t.

Often times visiting a city is like a scavenger hunt. Famous place number 1: check. Famous place number 2: check. Instead of rushing through the sights, I was able to go to the beach when it was warm and go to the museum when it was rainy; sit in the Botanical gardens and read when I was feeling lethargic and walk from Kings Cross to Watson’s Bay when I was feeling motivated. Thanks to Catherine, Bruce, Lizzie and James we were able to experience a bit of comfy family suburban life and thanks to our hostel we able to learn to sleep to the frantic beat of a 24 hour dance party.

I’m really going to miss it here so…President Bush, Prime Minister Howard…what can we do about getting me a working visa?

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