Make Out Capital Of The World

Let’s just say that the overpowering beauty of Prague inspires romance. You can’t cross the Charles Bridge without bumping into a few happy couples enjoying, or rather ignoring the scenery. Although we all get along quite well, we decided to fall in love with the city itself instead. Which isn’t hard to do.

The layout is actually quite similar to Budapest, with a river dividing the city into two sections. But Prague is more intimate and of course the buildings are original since the city was spared from war. We did the whole tourist route, climbing the Astrological Clock Tower for a fantastic view of the old town square and orange rooftops, making faces at the Prague Castle guards, drinking cheap Czech beer! Hey, and here’s a piece of advice for the single ladies in the audience tonight…the Czech Republic seems to have an excess of attractive men and a shortage in the female department.

Okay, well, I would love to write more about Prague right now, but you see…we have secretly entered Radek’s former place of employment and now it’s time to secretly exit.

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