Ordering Doner in Deutsch

Dortmund, Germany tends not to make most traveler’s list of must-see places but, since that was the current location of our favorite German, that was where we went. The city features one large university (University of Dortmund), one small university that fits into an office building (that would be where Christoph goes to school to learn to be a millionaire), a very exciting hanging monorail and enough doner kebabs to feed all of Europe.

Once again, we had a very lovely host: Christoph. Although he takes about 50 classes a day and has English homework that even we native speakers can’t answer (what exactly is the difference between responsibility and accountability?), he still had time to write us directions to the nearest doner merchant, show us the entire contents of his computer (including the new Tomb Raider trailer) and take us to his home city of Koln.

Of course the fastest and most exhilarating way to get from Dortmund to Koln is on the Autobahn! We maxed out at 184 kph, thus tying Christoph’s personal record. Once in Koln we had a chance to climb to the top of the impressive Dom and walk along the Rhine before things took a turn for the worse. Christoph’s car had been broken into and Rebecca’s backpack was stolen along with Molly’s journal. Fortunately the jerk realized that most of the contents were of no real monetary value and the police were able to recover the bag. Unfortunately they took Rebecca’s camera, which is worth more to her than to any pawn shop.

We went to Christoph’s house in pretty low spirits. There were met with a fantastic dinner and one of the nicest families ever…seriously, ever. Christoph’s mom was so empathetic and sweet, she even collected clothes for Rebecca to take with her. Christoph, please let your mom know how much we appreciated her kindness!

The next morning I had to say a sad goodbye to my travel companions (This trip is really coming to an end? How do I function in America?) and start the long train ride to Lisbon and to meet my family!!!

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