Feliz Ano Nuevo

After a very draining 24 hour series of flights and layovers Amy and I arrived in Lima. Just in from Poland via Clingindingin was Radek and a few hours later in rolled Frauline Kudner.

My expectations for Lima were low. Guidebooks warned that it was less than stylish and none too lively. To them I say, “eh?” The old section from Plaza San Martin to Plaza Mayor is not at all lacking in life or character. Brilliant gold buildings with intricately decorated balconies, pedestrian walkways and ceviche!

Our first hostel was a bit far from the action and, although it featured a pretty awesome rooftop terrace complete with pool table, we had to ditch it for the ridiculously amazing and inexplicably inexpensive Hotel Espana. Our new hotel room in Lima Centro has sixteen foot ceilings, a private bathroom and an enclosed balcony overlooking the street. A curious monkey named Fillipe roams the museum-like halls and allegedly there´s a turtle making himself at home on the roof.

We celebrated the new year with a fantastic dinner at a restaurant overlooking the pacific ocean then proceeded to strike up a dance party in lively Miraflores. And oh man, can we dance.

The Spanish is coming back even quicker than expected and, to put it simply, we are already having the time of our lives in the supposed worst city in South America.

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