The Lines

From the ground it is impossible to see the ancient, intricate drawings on the desert floor near Nazca. Roads cross close enough to the some of the figures to make out faint and meaningless lines. As I like to stay close to the ground, it appeared that I wouldn’t get too much out of our trip to Nazca. But then somehow… in a uncharacteristic leap of faith I boarded a three-seater propeller plane to get a better view of these famous lines.

Had I died I surely would have regretted this decision, but in fact I survived and am pretty damn proud and grateful that I decided to do it. From the air you can make out the linear figures of monkeys, birds and whales and you wonder how could they possibly have made these things? The scale is amazing!

It´s all very mysterious and crop circle. And just try to tell Chelsea that they were not made by aliens.

From Nazca we headed south to the white city of Arequipa, where the stomach death that had been just a step behind finally caught up with a vengeance. Therefore, no more writing about Arequipa. For me there was no Arequipa; only tortuous death.

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