From Layers To Laying Out

No doubt about it, we rocked our way across the border into Chile. We hired a car (proportions more in line with a boat) to make the quick trip and our driver impressed us with a mix of Latin dance and american 80’s pop. By any account, a very classy way to enter a country.

Our first Chilean destination was Arica, a sunny oceanside city with a rather distinctive cliff named “El Morro.” This is a place where the birds sound like pigs and the bathrooms have toilet paper. I like it.

Having recently escaped winter, we were prepared (mentally) for some serious summer beach action and were equally unprepared (physically) for some serious summer beach action. Yes, sunburns.

Now we are further south along the coast in another bigger and beachier city, but we are also redder and wiser and tomorrow I’m spending the pesos on an umbrella.

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