The Lake District

Our first taste of the lake district was in Pucon, a city under the shadow of Volcan Villarica and under the impression that it is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All heavily varnished log frame construction, touristy and no muy economico.

So we headed to Argentina hoping for a more favorable exchange rate. Alas, Bariloche did not immediately deliver in that department. Hostels were pretentious, expensive and for the most part full. After some frustration the city started to show its softer side. The food was tasty, plentiful and budget-friendly. The lake (remember this is the Lake District), was fringed with snow-capped mountains and truly beautiful.

We splurged a bit and took high tea at one of Argentina´s premiere resorts: Llao Llao (site of our 20 year reunion). And, although the city pool was somehow closed on a Saturday, the city of Bariloche will vouch for the cleanliness of our hair and feet.

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