I Can Walk Like A Penguin

For Rebecca and Molly:
Cue music ´So Happy Together´ and fade from black to Melissa frolicking with penguins. Slow motion Melissa spins around with a wing in each hand in a big penguin circle.

For everyone else:
Our last stop before Buenos Aires (Argentina´s largest people city) was Punto Tombo (South America´s largest penguin city). This is the largest concentration of penguins outside of Antarctica and we´re not talking about those little penguins that look like regular birds. These are black and white waddlers. The real thing.

They are running at top speed (2mph) through the parking lot, kissing under trees, rolling around in the surf and all around having a fantastic time. These pictures really don´t do them justice. When I get home, ask to see the movies.

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