This Year´s Sydney

Whilst on the road at a break neck pace, I find it very therapeutic to find a city full of character and energy to park it for a week or more. Last time it was Sydney. This time it´s Buenos Aires.

A walkable city comprised of distinct neighborhoods, Buenos has the vibe. I enjoy getting into a slight routine, gaining local knowledge (tres media lunas i un cafe con leche para dos pesos!) and wandering around creating a map in my head. That´s what I do.

Unlike many cities, BA´s most distinctive feature isn’t a monument or architectural style. It is a dance. Tango, of course. We watched an entertaining tango-for-export show at the famous Cafe Tortoni but found that the real talent was in the parks and streets. I could spend some serious time in Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo watching the street performances.

Argentinia is also known for their high quality beef and Buenos is the place to find them prepared to perfection. Ask Radek about the mushroom sauce.

In summation…Buenos Aires is so livable that I would like to live there.

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