Uruguay Is Cool

As far as life plans go, I never saw Uruguay coming. Remember the scene in Wayne´s World where they are blue screened in front of post cards for exotic locations like Hawaii. Then Delaware comes up behind them and they´re like ¨Hi we´re in Delaware.¨ Yeah, it´s kinda like that…but then in a strange twist Uruguay is cool.

We took the ferry across the Rio Plate to Colonia, a city of crumbling yet charming facades and cobblestone streets. It was a cute touristy dream minus the tourists.

Then onward to Montevideo, certainly sporting one of the more interesting names for a capital. There were plenty of shady squares and pedestrian walkways through which to wander. The distinctively playful art of Torres-Garcia gives the city a style to rally around. The Mercado del Puerto lived up to Rough Guide´s promises and I enjoyed my delicious steak in a lovely atmosphere. They haven´t had any fondue for ¨muchos anos¨ but then you can´t have everything.

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