One of the Natural Wonders

I know words fail to capture many places, but Iguazu Falls actually defies capture in any form: words, pictures or movies. Really the only point of this journal is to encourage you to see it for yourself. If you ever stood gaping-mouthed over Niagara Falls or any other falls or even if you didn’t, here´s your chance. Not just one impressive cascade of massive proportions, Iguazu is actually hundreds of waterfalls of all shapes, sizes and pourage spanning the border of Brazil and Argentina.

Each new vantage point (and both countries supply you with plenty through a series of well maintained catwalks and trails) offers a different mesmerizing view. On the Brazilian side, you get close enough to the bottom get sprayed and on the Argentinian side you get close enough to the edge to get dizzy. You actually have to suppress some brain cells in order to prevent sensory overload.

At some point my meager pictures will see the light of day, but internet is so slow here, that perhaps I will never find a fast enough connection to upload them. So patience, please…or just book your ticket cause come on, you can´t miss this.

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