A Jump In Altitude

We made our way across the southern altiplano of Bolivia, passing through Sucre.  In this beautiful white city we found vertical dinosaur tracks but unfortunately lost Radek’s wallet. A pack of thieving street urchins pinched it from Radek’s bag at an internet cafe so we spent a couple of fruitless hours at the local police station learning the word for robbery. In Sucre we also said goodbye to travelers Amy and Chelsea.

We then made our way to Potosi (the world´s highest city at 4100m) until finally stopping to catch our oxygen-deprived breath in Uyuni. I would not recommend making this vertical climb so quickly. It did not take long for us to feel the effects of the thinner air and we soon started falling ill, one exhausted backpacker at a time.

Illness aside, first thoughts on Bolivia are positive. I am loving the clear, crisp, albeit far too thin air. The colors seem more saturated, the sense of place is more defined. After worldly and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and Rio, everything just feels more South American.

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