Lago Titicaca

It´s only appropriate to splurge every now and then, especially when the nicest room in town costs 32USD. We broke the bank in Copacabana, a beautiful town set between two hills overlooking the world´s highest navigable lake. We got the suite (two rooms complete with sun porch, hammock, hot water and an incredible view of the lake). We ate trout, steak and guacamole. Joiners begone! This is another level here (and all well within budget confines, mind you).

We took the world´s slowest boat over to Isla del Sol, site of creation according to the Incas. Slipping through the narrow passages of Inca ruins and strolling through the technicolor farmlands of the present day islanders, we made our way from one side of the island to the other.

The next day we came full circle, returning to Peru, our point of entry into South America. From the city of Puno we explored the floating islands of Uros, man-made reed islands (also on Lake Titicaca) where a very unique culture still thrives today. We took a trip between neighboring islands on a boat made entirely of reeds and even had a chance to sample reed as cuisine (rather watery).

According to legend, an entire Inca city is lost under the waters of Lake Titicaca. And Cousteau never did say what he found during all those months with his submarine.

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