Family Villa Vacation (Part Due)

I hate writing these things at home, after the fact. The whole point is to keep in touch while on the road. However, in some cases (such as this one) I like to reflect with the clarity of hindsight on a trip well taken.

Actually that last part isn’t true. I just want to upload some pictures that I thought came out pretty well.

But in the spirit of sharing (and since I’m here anyway…and so are you…don’t think i haven’t noticed!) I will reflect just a tad. The Antunes family, having been preposterously spoiled by out Portugal adventure and our snazzy villa, decided to try our luck with a villa in Umbria. The question on everyone’s mind was: Could lightning strike twice?

We spent a few days in Rome then headed to our villa in a small village near Spoletto. Yes, it was perfect. Several day trips ensued. Pisa. Cinque Terre. Florence. Assisi. Pompeii. The last being a day trip from Rome, actually.

Wine, pizza and gelato. Those are the headlines. Now let’s get back to the original order of business: uploading pictures.

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