Cliche And With Good Reason

After the wild success of our inaugural cheesy romantic Valentine’s Day in Buenos Aires last year (spent at a Tango show, of course), Radek and I decided to keep the tradition alive and celebrate in Paris. The mother of all predictably romantic destinations provided us with fine strolling weather (at least as compared to Poland), delicious and diverse dining options and a fortuitously timed ticketbooth strike at the Louvre resulting in our free entrance.

Among the highlights were: Radek’s first encounter with Fondue, Moulin Rouge at night, the winding and surprising empty streets of Montmartre, a reunion with our beloved German friend Christoph (now interning in Paris) and…hotel check-out when we happened to glance at someone else’s bill and noticed that they had paid over twice as much for the same type of room that we had (Thank you Travelzoo Top 20).

This was the relaxing hassle-free city break that should be required after all trips to Morocco just to put your life expectancy back in the proper range.

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