Traveling With Moms

I’m happy to report that the highly anticipated mom trip was a wild success. Not that my mom is such a tough travel critic. Basically, if the day ends in a restaurant dinner things are up to par. Of course, I being the daughter that I am, was not aiming for par but rather well above.

The trip started at a low point (a soggy Warsaw) but steadily climbed throughout the 10 day adventure. The mountain village of Zakopane was full of the highlander culture that we had come to experience and the mountains were pointy as well. Krakow was lovely and as the weather made a turn for the better we started taking our meals in the fresh air, which is always a particular treat. (Where is America’s outdoor seating?)

The jewel of our trip was of course Prague. Crowded, hyped and utterly charming, it never fails to disappoint. My mom was so taken with the city that she even had a Pilsner Urquell. Now that’s saying something.

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