The Girls’ Trip Begins Now

Stop in Vienna for a coffee then continue on to the Balkans. A civilized plan indeed. Well executed by me and Chelsea, my partner in crime for this trip.

We took the overnight train from Warsaw, rolling into Vienna at a crisp 6am. World-renowned for its cafe culture (Starbucks launched its European conquest here, figuring if they could sell coffee to the discriminating Viennese then Europe was ripe for the taking), Vienna is dignified, classy and expensive. We were surely not spending the night.

We took our breakfast at a cafe, wondered at the freakishly huge buildings, strolled through the well-maintained gardens then promptly fell asleep on the grass. Much cheaper than a hotel.

We then headed back to the station and gracefully alit a train pointed in the direction of Slovenia. Our exit was perhaps not as graceful, but for that story you’ll have to anxiously await the next entry.

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