The Laws Of Physics Cease To Exist

“Bled Lesce. That’s the next stop,” our friendly neighborhood conductor points out as he checks our tickets. Yes, thank you. As we gather our things, the train rolls to a stop. Maybe the truth is that the train never actually stopped. In any case in the 15 seconds it took us to get to the door the train was back on the move, slightly rolling again. Quick decision: jump from the train! We threw our bags onto the platform and ever so gracefully leapt after them. With a quick brush of our hands and a nod to the startled onlookers we were on our way to Lake Bled.

The lake is beautiful, still and deceptively small. From all angles it looks like the type of lake that you’d break a sweat trying to row across. The general opinion of concierges and boat rental staff was that two chicas like us didn’t have a prayer of rowing to the lake’s famously photogenic island. Well we did. The lake wasn’t that big and it wasn’t that tough. But the island, with it’s lone church, was stunning. We drank a glass of water and sat enjoying the view, thoroughly stunned.

Later we decided to tackle Bled Castle, perched high on a cliff above the lake. We waited, cleverly, for the museum to close thus avoiding the steep six Euro entrance fee and sat in (can you say in when it was actually outdoors along a cliff?) the restaurant once again admiring a spectacular view. From here and certainly from below the castle seems suspended in the air but the hike was a simple stroll through the woods.

This begs the obvious question: have we gone superhuman or do the laws of physics cease to exist in the village of Bled?

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