Small But Mighty

Mostar’s claim to fame is a bridge. It’s not the tallest, longest or most ornately decorated bridge. It isn’t even old. The bridge itself is without superlatives at all (although it does get high marks for slipperiness).

The bridge is a UNESCO world heritage sight. Why? Is UNESCO getting a little floppy with the distinction? Well, yes. But this bridge deserves it.

Only ten years ago this region was torn apart in civil war. Destroyed in the 90’s along with much of the city, the bridge has been rebuilt as a symbol of peace and reunification. It’s hard to believe that this picturesque old town was so recently in the heart of such brutality and that these friendly shopkeepers and cafe owners, their neighborhoods separated by nothing but a narrow river, were enemies. That the bridge was rebuilt at all, to connect these two warring sides is amazing.

This small town, with so much personality, really emits a warmth now. It is such a pleasant place. Taken for granted in many places, Mostar is relishing it’s pleasantness. I guess that’s what makes it so special.

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