Girls Trip Takes to the Sea

I have really left this girl trip hanging in cyberspace.

The last post-trip wrap-up entry is often neglected, creating a a sense of disorganization and a lack of closure that isn’t sitting well with people, myself included.

From Croatia we covered much ground. We crossed the Adriatic by ferry, crossed Italy by train then hopped on a cruise ship and took the girls trip to a new level of class, previously unattained.

Our cruise ship deposited us in scheduled ports such as Sicily, Patmos, Mykonos, Izmir and Santorini. The highlights are as follows: Mount Etna rudely interrupting our top-deck sunbathing with a spew of ash, our own private beach in Patmos, applauding the sunset in Mykonos, exploring the ancient ruins of Ephesus in Turkey and, lest we forget, Chelsea riding a donkey in Santorini.

All in all it was a lovely time, but the strict routine, embarkation process and time-restraints made us long for the looser style of travel that we had grown accustomed to. You may not expect it looking at us, but give us a backpack and a bus ticket and we can make things happen.

To bring us up to date, Chelsea and I spent a couple nice days leisurely exploring Rome. Yes, I did say “leisurely” and it can be done. Then a series of quick stops in Warsaw, Dublin and Boston, all en route to beautiful Monhegan Island, Maine where I am currently and gainfully employed.

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