No Durian Allowed

Singapore is freakishly clean and organized. The sterile, law-laden environment leaves some wanting for authenticity. Those people clearly did not arrive via Yogyakarta.

We relished in the order and neatness of public transportation, the plethora of helpful signage and the potability of the drinking water. The clear highlight of Singapore is the cheap food courts, which bring a whole range of Asian cuisines under one roof at extremely affordable prices, which in turn was able to provide a counterweight to the overpriced hostel.

We ventured into the almost Epcot-like ethnic neighborhoods of Chinatown and Little India, pondered a bit of modern art, strolled along the river and took a death defying cable car ride to Sentosa Island (which we alit from the 15th floor of a building to give you an idea of the height of this thing). But mostly we looked eagerly forward to each meal and never once were we disappointed. Oh wait, there was that one durian…

Imagine a fruit that tastes of equal parts rancid onion and sweaty socks, then you may come close to understanding the putrid stink that is the durian fruit. No wonder that nasty bugger was banned from hotels and public transportation. Some laws just need to be followed.

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