Kayaking Heroes

The thing you may not know about us is that we’re really awesome kayakers. Decent speed, loads of finesse. We also get rather excited about kayaking and when you couple that with the famous mangroves and hongs (pointy limestone islands) of the Krabi region (and throw in a few feisty monkeys for good measure) the result is four people psyched about life.

So it was with great psychedness that we paddled past caves and through ravines and into intimate mangrove patches hardly wider than the kayaks themselves. To lean back and let the slow current take you and watch the stripe of sky pass between rock cliffs is a great pleasure.

Even the drive between Krabi town and Ao Thalen was interesting. You can really catch a great breeze in the back of a truck lined with benches. It also afforded me the opportunity to develop my theory on Crocs: in any given group either everyone or no one is wearing Crocs. This applies to families as well. Seriously pay attention, it’s true.

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