An Air Of Prosperity

The tourists of Luang Prabang have arrived during a crisis of supply and demand. The number of tourists is growing at rate faster than the town can build guesthouses. We heard horror story after story about backpackers walking desperately down each street systematically checking each hotel and invariably being turned away.

Fortunately we were able to snag the last two rooms in a very characterful guesthouse dangerously close to the night market. And I thought I would save money here.

The town has a village feel and is endlessly charming. Peppered with golden stupas, sparkling wats and light-hearted monks-in-training, Luang Prabang draws you in and threatens not to let go. It’s setting at the confluence of two rivers lined with makeshift farms adds greatly to the small town feel.

There is an air of prosperity that comes across in the faces of its residents and the fact that there is a major baby boom underway is further proof that Luang Prabang has arrived. And if you arrive, may I advise you to book your room in advance.

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