Rocks, Water and Wildlife

If you’ve been keeping track, you may have noticed that our travel experiences are heavy in the backpacking department. Whilst backpacking the upgrades are few and far between. Sometimes a splurge on an en suite bathroom produces little more than a hole in the floor and a rubber hose. So, when we arrived in Cape Town and were told that the hotel was empty and we could have the best room in the house for just a bit more, we wanted to see the goods.

And the goods were good. We’re sitting on our own private deck of our own tastefully appointed suite. Ocean below, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain to the right and the pointy little Twelve Apostles just behind. Even the toilet has a killer view!

Cape Town is all about the vistas. Climb this hill and look out over the ocean. Take this road for a great view of Table Mountain, and look here’s another great view of Table Mountain, and wow doesn’t this restaurant have a great view of Table Mountain. The real miracle is that it never gets old to just sit around and look at Table Mountain. (But, you know I’ve always been mesmerized by monoliths.)

Just as exciting as the rock and water situation is the ease of making the acquaintance of wildlife. You’d be a damned fool not to cross paths with a penguin. The place is littered with oversized hamsters called dassies. And the drive down towards Cape Point is all the slower as you are sharing the road with cheeky baboons.

All of this is excellent and would surely be more than enough to warrant a visit, but to top it all off, we haven’t had a bad meal! So there you have it, the icing on the cake. Beautiful scenery, spunky wildlife, fabulous food and the Rand is in the trash at the moment: life is good.

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