My Own Chianti

Retire, fix up a stone farm house, tend vineyards, drink wine, eat well. Back to nature, back to basics, but don’t skip the luxury. That’s the vision of Tuscany that all comes together in Chianti.

You can’t help but play the real estate game in Chianti. What’s that place worth? Ohhh that one’s for sale. Let’s just stay! No, I don’t know the first thing about grape vines or olive trees. That’s not the point! No, I doubt they get internet here. Who needs it? You start to have a serious Gemini moment, weighing the pluses and minuses of dropping it all and living in some crumbling hill town with views for days. Then you think, this is lame, I’m not Frances Mayes! This has been done, it’s so cliche. Next you think, I can live with a cliche of paradise. Then you notice that even the crumbliest of buildings is on the market for 850,000 euros. And most likely half of your neighbors would be British. There’s a reason the call it Chiantishire.

Okay, so Chianti is a dream and everyone knows it. You’ve probably been there and you know it too. What we really have to do is find our own undiscovered pre-Chianti. We can live the dream over there (wherever that is) and let the world discover us once it’s too late and the prices have gone up. So, I’m off to find it. See you there, but not too soon.

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