Croatia’s Dalmatian coast makes for some boring travel writing. Lulled into a pleasant stupor by superlative beauty, it is impossible to write anything interesting. It’s difficult even to type when you’d much rather bask in the surprisingly strong March sun like a satisfied cat. It’s hard to go inside to open the laptop at all when, instead, you could just stare out at the clear Adriatic and let your brain turn to mush.

There’s no use pondering the pretty Venetian architecture or remarking on the smell of grilled meat wafting through the air, because although you are aware of these things, the beautiful combination of it all has made you too silly to employ words. Instead you sit on a bench and purr. Or you sit in a cafe and let out little puffs of happy air. Unintelligible.

The closest you come to a full sentence is when you nod your head in the direction of some fine piece of real estate and just say, wistfully, “that one.” This actually happens quite often.

So to complete this post of the subject of the Dalmatian islands of Croatia (because I have to get back outside immediately), I simply say…purrr, ahhh and that one.

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