The Ionian Coast

Approaching the Ionian Coast from the north is dramatic to put it mildly. You wind up slowly, higher and higher into the mountains, all the while thinking “hey, the beach is at sea level what the hell are we doing?” There is some confusion when you look at your watch, knowing that you are due to arrive in twenty minutes yet the road continues to climb. Are we parachuting off this mountain?

Then suddenly as you reach the apex and look over the edge searching for a sign of continuous road, you realize that a parachute would have been prudent. A Xanax at the very least. What do I know about this bus driver? How’s his depth perception? What kind of sleep did he get last night? Can he be trusted? As a person with control issues, I seriously wanted to get out and walk.

However, the view, even counting the vertigo, made the whole perilous trip worthwhile. As did the destination.

As long as you don’t mind staying at the one open hotel and eating all of your meals at the one open restaurant (in said open hotel), Dhermi is heavenly. A wide arc of pebbly beach and clear turquoise water all to yourself and the wild horses. Gazing at the waves is peaceful hypnosis. And playing the real estate game gets serious when the condos start at 15,000 euros.

So will we sell the apartment in Warsaw and buy a slice of paradise on the as yet widely undiscovered Ionian Coast of Albania? Stay tuned to find out.

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