Eat, Pray, no Love?

It is a coincidence that Radek and I have planned our fall in the manner of an Elizabeth Gilbert novel.

My plan was to go to India, because why not? Okay, don’t answer that. Radek already answered that question in no uncertain terms. The result of that colorful discussion was the Italy addendum. Radek’s terms: if you drag me to India then we’re going to Italy too. This is hardly a compromise since Italy is fabulous and I’m always game to go back.

So here we are with two thirds of an Eat Pray Love. Although ours will most closely resemble an Eat Eat with a probable bought of traveler’s dia…(let’s just call it Delhi Belly) thrown into the mix.

So where’s the love? Well we did get engaged in Bali so there’s always a bit of Indonesia love in every chapter, right?

See you in Milan, amore mio!

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