City of Blue (and Magenta and Teal and Gold and…)

Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s blue city, due to the blue-painted houses around the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. For us, it was the shopping city, due to the abundance of used saris for sale around the clock tower.

Used saris are a thing of impulse shopping beauty. It’s hard to get behind the concept of spending $50 on a new sari that we could only look absurd wearing. But in the range of $2 to $4 dollars then let the haggling begin!

I know when I think of India, the vibrant (sometimes blinding) color of saris will be one of my strongest visual memories. Black and gray is not classy here and us Westerners must just look sad flopping around in our dour mourning traveling clothes. In Rajasthan it is all about color and bling. The more glittery bangles and earrings and anklets and henna-dyed appendages the better. There is no too much, there is no Coco Chanel saying “when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on” or Tim Gunn saying “you really need to think about editing, now make it work.” It all works!

So when I think of Rajasthan, I will know that Jaipur is the pink city and Udaipur is the white city and Jodhpur is the blue city, but then I’ll look at my pile of $2 dollar saris and remember that really every city is as colorful as the beautiful women who inhabit it, wearing every color imaginable.


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