Better Late Than Never, Again

It seems like the last entry of my trips always gets lost in the process of getting home. One reason, is the massive amount of unplugged traveling that is involved in getting from the last sight to home. In this case, the journey was truly epic. It involved a short train ride from Alleppey to Kochi, from where we would catch a 36 hour train to Mumbai, where we would stay for 24 hours in a hotel which barley had walls let alone wireless, then a commuter train/rickshaw combo to the airport, followed by a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam and an 8 hour flight to Boston. Add to that the days of jet lag that come with a trip through ten time zones and a handful of desperate Christmas shopping trips to the mall. So there’s that.

There’s another factor as well. Once the end of a trip is in sight, I stop focusing on where I am and start to focus on re-engaging in my life at home. So after the last highlight has been experienced, I’m thinking about the trip home instead of writing a journal. It’s clearly become a pattern.

But here we go, only a few weeks after returning, here’s the final installment from the India trip. And really it’s only a vehicle for photos of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

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