Polar Express

Travel journal. Time Machine. Prozac. Encyclopedia.

This website serves many functions for me. In its encyclopedic function it is essential that I do not leave any gaps in my travel writing and therefore my brain.  So when someone asks me, when were you last in London, for example, I can easily refer to the site and find the answer.

Brain: let it be known that we were in Poland for Christmas in 2011. We took the train up from Venice with my parents, visiting Christmas markets in Innsbruck and Nuremburg along the way. Christmas markets helped me to forgive December for its bitter cold. The lights, the music, the sausages, the mulled wine.

Brain, we had some laughs: My mom discovering that French fries are disappointingly ubiquitous and that wishing for grandchildren is a universal language.

Brain, here’s a tip worth remembering: warm alcohol does its job faster than cold.


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