Have Baby, Will Travel?

I was looking through these travel journals, feeling nostalgic, finding it hard to believe that the last entry was from 2011. Over two years ago. Have the epic adventures really ended for us?

In a way they have. There is no more dirty backpacking: changing our location and not our clothing, sleeping on the train, loose schedules, street cart stomach roulette. To this Radek would say, hallelujah. To me, it feels bittersweet.

Things have changed. We have a small daughter. Packing for a trip is a challenge. Getting from point A to point B, no matter how close they may be, is a challenge. I don’t want to shrink from the challenge but I know that traveling with an infant is not for the faint of heart.

I want my daughter to feel the thrill of travel. I want her to feel the curiosity about the world that our parents instilled in us. I want her to be an explorer, be an active part of our trip planning. We just may want to wait until simply walking isn’t such a hazard.

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