Bienvenidos a Colombia!

Well, we’ve only just arrived a few hours ago so first impressions are limited mostly to the apartment and few surrounding blocks.

Firstly, our flight from Ft Lauderdale took less than three hours. I have flown a whole lot longer for a whole lot less culture…smack. Can’t call it shock because it’s not a surprise. No, this is a wet, hot smack of humidity that greats you on the tarmac. Combine this with the crumbling, patina of Restoration Hardware’s dreams that graces every building in the walled center city. Next, add soon-to-be-discovered street food. Then the latin music rising up to our eighth floor apartment on warm evening breezes.

We took a short walk around the block. I breathed in the humidity and the unusual flowers and something smokey and mysterious. I thought nostalgically, I’ve been here before. And by here I meant on an adventure.

We’re in a new country, with new maps to fill in and new places to weave into our life stories. Breathing in that complex air again, I felt exactly like myself.

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