Southernmost Road Trip

Out of respect for the 90 inches of snow in Buffalo, let me start by not complaining about how cold it was in Key West.

We’re back in Florida for the last leg of our journey. Starting in Miami Beach, we enjoyed Art Deco hotels, al fresco dining and two for one margaritas. Then we drove across the Caribbean Sea, through tacky roadside Americana (Get your free shark tooth at Captain Conch’s Largo Cargo Emporium), passing mangrove-lined channels of perfect turquoise water into quirky Key West. There we enjoyed crisp white cottages with teal shutters, being 90 miles from Cuba, the descendants of Hemmingway’s cats and, again, two for one margaritas.

Today we saw a different side of Florida. In Everglades National Park we enjoyed long winding boardwalks, ancient mahogany trees, tall birds and short alligators. Here, with wilderness on all sides and the road all to ourselves, the sky stretched in front of us and I remembered the thrilling freedom of a good road trip. But, alas, no two for one margaritas.

But since I know you’re dying to know: it was most likely a record low of 64 degrees in Key West.

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