In Praise Of Fake

World heritage landscapes, internationally-renowned cultural hubs, sites of great historical significance….and Europe’s largest fake tropical island.

Let’s just admit that traveling with a kid is great excuse to take a break from the high-brow, must-sees and partake in some indulgently cheesy holiday-making. If it were not for our child, we would never have known that there was a giant equatorial biosphere a half hour from Berlin. It’s the tropical “Truman Show” and it’s a national treasure.

In the mood for Thai Barbecue? You can find that between the Balinese temple and the hot air balloon rides. In the mood for some spicy Cuban dancing? Right next to the Boreno longhouse. If you’re at the 100,000 square foot rainforest you went too far. Or perhaps you fancy an exotic cocktail? That’s right by the Samoan… no, just playin’… that’s everywhere!

But what makes it truly addictive is the air temperature. Outside it may be a gray and dreary winter day but under the dome it’s always a perfect 78 degrees.

I always bemoan the fact that we have to visit Europe at the worst time of year. It’s Christmas’s fault for being in December and Poland’s fault for never colonizing anywhere with a decent climate (or anywhere at all for that matter). But no more! I have the antidote! Which is why I feel no shame in saying that I plan on visiting Germany’s Tropical Islands as often as I can, whether or not I have a kid as an excuse.

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