The average retirement age for a professional dancer is 35. I suspected this was the case, but I Googled it just to be sure. You could be at the top of your field, then over the hill by 28.

Or perhaps you could become a flamenco dancer.

Sevilla has no use for a fresh-faced, naive flamenco dancer. This artform does not need your healthy joints or your flexible hamstrings. Come back when you are weather-beaten and time-tested.  Come back when you feel the music in your bones and it spills out in fits and starts. Come back when there is undeniable memory in your crows-feet rimmed eyes and pained grimace. Come back to Sevilla to command the respect of the audience with your attitude, your hard-earned skill and your enviable elegance.

Come back when you are older. Because they are not going to buy it and you are not going to own it until you are way “over the hill.”

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