So many great plans are stalled or abandoned due to budget constraints and confusion. Look, you can’t do everything. But you can do something.

Budgets are just priorities in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. So crunch some numbers, prioritize travel and go.

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When I first announced to my family that I was embarking on a round the world trip, they took one look at my bank account and assumed they’d have to bail me out somewhere around Thailand… Continue Reading.

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So you have a budget and it looks like you can travel for a few months. But before you buy those tickets there are some things you need to know about yourself and your traveling style… Continue Reading.

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Nothing ruins a good travel budget like a friend. Obviously traveling with friends has its perks, monetary and otherwise. Splitting the cost of accommodations or car rentals can save lots of money…Continue Reading.

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I think we can all agree that for most people budgeting is a great life skill. It’s about knowing what you have and prioritizing what you value…Continue Reading.

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