Travel with Kids

Oh no! I mean, congratulations, you have a kid. Time to transition from kick-ass world traveler to staycation aficionado? I wrestled with the seeming inevitability of this change after my daughter was born (See post Have Baby Will Travel?)

Sure it helps to tweak your traveling style, but there’s no reason to hang up the backpack for good. Here’s some practical advice for those involved in the struggle.


If you love travel that won’t go away after having kids. The thrills of travel, seeing something with fresh eyes, lingering in the moment, pursuing curiosities, giving in to profound wonder, are a natural state of childhood…Continue Reading.

IMG_0394 (1)I’m here to tell you that a toddler on a plane does not have to be worse than snakes on a plane, neither the ludicrous situation or the terrible movie…Continue Reading.


Let’s face it, kids respond to brand recognition. Take a quick inventory of your kid’s favorite things and more than you’d like to admit will involve a Disney or NickJr reference. If you are shaking your head and insisting that your child is only interested in astrophysics, go read someone else’s blog…Continue Reading.